What is is a sales tool gathering data enrichment and email automation in one place.

Use case usually works with a browser extension and lets you gather enriched data about the websites you visit. We've plugged its email enrichment feature into PhantomBuster, so that instead of you browsing the web, it's your Phantom who browses the web and enriches the data for you. is available with the following Phantoms

*Not including Sales Navigator Search to Emails.

How to use with PhantomBuster is a 3rd-party service. To use it, you'll need to have a premium account. Each account comes with a pair of secret keys called: "API User ID" and "API Secret." Head to your dashboard, go to your "Account," then to the "API" section. Once you're there, you'll see your keys.

As you're setting up one of the above Phantoms, you'll be asked to choose an email discovery service. Pick, then enter your user ID and your secret key.

You're all set! PhantomBuster will now make an API call to for every profile you browse with your Phantom and enrich it with a professional email address.

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