What is lemlist?

lemlist is best when you mix customization & automation. It will allow you to send the best email outreach campaigns by customizing every email on a whole new level.

Combined with PhantomBuster, you'll be able to gather text, images and email addresses at scaleand feed that data to lemlist.

Use case

Say you want to extract a list of leads from LinkedIn and reach out by email: manually, this would take ages.

Use PhantomBuster to scrape every profile along with their key profile data (name, position, etc.) and company information (name, size, logo, etc.). Then connect lemlist, pick a campaign, transfer the data and launch your campaign!

How to use lemlist with PhantomBuster

Simply set up LinkedIn Search to lemlist Campaign.

All the details and tips to help you set up your PhantomBuster + lemlist workflow are detailed in the video below:

If you're more into reading, check out the related article.


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