What is Integromat?

Integromat defines itself as the "glue of the internet." They allow you to connect the softwares you use together in order to automate your everyday workflows.

Use cases

PhantomBuster’s Integromat integration allows you to either trigger a Phantom launch after something happens on one of your apps, or do something in one of your apps after a Phantom launch.


  • Each time a new respondent completes a Typeform survey, look for their LinkedIn profile by launching LinkedIn Profile URL Finder.
  • Each time you add someone to your Pipedrive CRM, find and scrape their LinkedIn profile with LinkedIn Profile Scraper.
  • Each time you add an Instagram profile into your Airtable database, like that person’s 3 latest posts with Instagram Auto Liker.
  • Each time Twitter’s Zap detects a mention of your brand, automatically follow this person’s account with Twitter Auto Follow.

The possibilities are endless.

Setting up PhantomBuster as an action


Let's say that we'd like our sales team to be able to bookmark LinkedIn profiles with Pocket, and that each time they do, this profile is enriched thanks to LinkedIn Profile Scraper.


1. First, create a new Integromat scenario.

2. Then create a Pocket trigger for the right action; in our case, "Watch new items."

3. Let's configure it: create a new Connection between our Pocket account and Integromat.

4. Configure your trigger for only the proper URLs. In our case, we could specify bookmarks with "" as a domain.


Let's now configure the Action part of this workflow: launching a Phantom. 

1. Create a new PhantomBuster module linked to our Pocket trigger and specify the right action: "Launch a Phantom."

2. Create your PhantomBuster-Integromat Connection by copying your PhantomBuster API key and pasting it into Integromat. Your API key is on the right-hand side of your "Workspace settings" as shown below.

3. Specify your Phantom ID. This ID is the value shown in the URL when you're on your Phantom's console page:

And here's how it should look on Integromat:

4. Finally, edit your Phantom's setup directly within Integromat. Here, we filled in the session cookie to connect LinkedIn to PhantomBuster. Below in red is the information we got from Pocket, in this case the URL bookmarked which should be a LinkedIn profile to scrape.


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